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Traumatic Brain

Have you suffered a Concussion or Traumatic Brain Injury from an Accident?

Any accident resulting in injuries to the head are extremely serious and should not be taken lightly. Common causes of brain injuries are car wrecks, trucking accidents and boating accidents. The severity of the resulting closed head injury can vary greatly, depending on the severity and particular location of injury. Often, an initial diagnosis of a brain injury is a concussion.

Common symptoms of a concussion are memory loss, vomiting, severe headaches and sensitivity to light. If the length and severity of the symptoms reach a high enough level, the concussion can ultimately be diagnosed as a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Repeated trauma to the head can cause chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). The public’s understanding of CTE has grown in recent years as a result of the research done by the NFL on its’ current and former players. If a person has previous concussions from sport or other accidents, another blow to the head in an automobile accident can result in CTE. A diagnosis of CTE or TBI is a devastating, lifelong diagnosis. It is important to know these injuries can take time to fully manifest themselves and it is important an attorney understands and looks for the appropriate signs.

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What Is Traumatic Brain Injury And How Can I Be Compensated For It?

Did you know that the estimated yearly direct and indirect Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) cost  is $76.5 billion? And did you also know that each year over 80,000 people experience the  start of lifelong complications associated with Traumatic Brain Injury? Fortunately, there are  well laid out legal guidelines that help TBI victims avoid the economic and non-economic  frustrations resulting from TBI. 

So whether you or your loved one has a TBI or you want to play safe by getting 100%  accurate insight on all the FAQs of brain injury and how you can legally get maximum  compensation from a TBI, read on through this article.

FAQs About Brain Injury

What is Traumatic Brain Injury? 

Medically abbreviated as TBI, Traumatic Brain Injury is a temporary or permanent disruption  of the brain’s normal functioning that occurs as a result of a forceful blow or sudden violent  shake to one’s head or body. 

Can I get a BTI without hitting my head against an object or a surface? You can get a TBI without necessarily hitting your head or your body against an object or a  surface. Sudden and rapid movements can cause your brain to lag behind before hitting the  sides of your skull. This causes one to have a TBI without physically hitting their body or  head against an object or surface. 

What are the telltale signs and symptoms of a traumatic brain injury? Below are some of the common signs and symptoms of TBI. These signs and symptoms  manifest dependng on the extent of damage to one’s brain. 

  • Repeated projectile (forceful) vomiting 
  • Rhinorrhea (draining clear fluids from your nose) 
  • Otorrhea (draining clear fluid from your ears 
  • Having one or both pupils becoming dilated 
  • Tinnitus (ringing, hissing, whooshing, oceanic waves, and ulsing sounds in your ears) • Dysphagia difficulty in swallowing 
  • A brief or a prolonged loss of consciousness 
  • Dyspnea (difficulty in breathing) 
  • Fecal and urine incontinence (loss of bowel and bladder control) 
  • Increased blood pressure 
  • Bradycardia (decreased heart rate) 
  • Bradypnea (decrease in breathing rate) 
  • Unexplained skin tingling and itching 
  • Partial or generalized body numbness 
  • Sagging or droopy eyelids accompanied by facial weakness 

It’s essential that you always seek medical intervention whenever you are involved in an  accident that put you at risk of sustaining a TBI. Failure to do so may predispose you to a  life-threatening, if not life-quality lowering, condition. 

What are the common causes of traumatic brain injuries? 

Below are some of the most common causes of traumatic brain injuries • Blunt or penetrating injuries to the head 

  • Being involved in vehicular accidents 
  • Falling from a ladder, a tree, in the bathroom, from a bed, or down the staircases
  • Sporting activities. Baseball, boxing, skateboarding, hockey, and soccer are some of  the most common sports activities known to cause traumatic brain injuries • Combat injuries such as explosions from bombs, mines, and grenades • Hostile conditions such as fire-arm-related accidents, gender-based violence (GBV),  and child abuse 

What potential health issues can one get after a traumatic brain injury? Depending on a TBI’s severity, one can have short-term or long-term potential health  complications. People with mild TBI tend to experience short-term complications, whereas  those with severe TBI tend to experience long-term health complications. Short-term health complications 

Below are some of the short-term health complications associated with having a traumatic  brain injury 

  • Headaches and migraines 
  • Vertigo 
  • Decreased ability to concentrate 
  • Vision complications 
  • Temporary memory loss 
  • Increased light and noise sensitivity 
  • Confusion 

Long-term health complications 

Below are some of the long-term health complications associated with having a traumatic  brain injury; 

  • Recurrent seizures. This condition is known as post-traumatic epilepsy. Such seizures  may occur a few days, weeks, months, and even years after the TBI. These seizures  come about when one’s brain is left with a scar after the occurrence of a TBI. 
  • Brain death. This occurs when the entire brain ceases to function. People who are  brain dead completely lose their sense of smell and hearing. 
  • Chronic headaches and migraines. This is called post-traumatic headache or migraine.  This type of headache may last for more than 3 months. 
  • Deterioration in cognitive functioning. People who have TBI may be unable to make  rational decisions, multitask, or even plan or organize an activity for themselves • Difficulties in communications. After a TBI, one may find it challenging to start or  stop a conversation, understand non-verbal cues, and even make sensible statements • Sleeping disorders such as insomnia and interrupted sleep patterns • Marked emotional changes such as increased anxiety, social withdrawal, suicidal  thoughts, and being easily irritated 

What’s the approximate cost of a traumatic brain injury case? 

It’s pretty challenging to put an exact cost on a traumatic brain injury case. This is because a  number of medical and legal factors are put into place to determine how much a TBI case  will cost. Thus, all TBI victims should consult reputable brain injury lawyers for exact cost  estimation of their TBI case. 

What damages can a brain attorney help you be compensated for after a TBI? It’s important to note that each accident leaves each individual with varying physical, social,  and emotional needs. However, when it comes to seeking compensation after a TBI, there are  some common damages that brain injury attorneys use to help one get compensated for a  TBI. Thus, your lawyer may legally help you get the following compensations; Economic damages that one can be compensated for after a TBI 

  • Loss of job 
  • Loss of personal independence
  • Possible loss of property that you own 
  • Loss of income due to missed working hours 
  • Loss of the ability to earn your wages 
  • Incurring unplanned present medical bills 
  • Incurring unexpected future medical bills 
  • Costs incurred from receiving rehabilitation services 

Non-economic damages one can be compensated for after a TBI 

  • Inability to enjoy life as you used to before getting a TBI 
  • Loss of physical and emotional connection with your loved ones 
  • Experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder 
  • Undergoing physical pain and suffering

Key Takeaway

A blow, a violent push, or a shake can cause one to have a mild, moderate, or severe  traumatic brain injury (TBI). Children below the age of 4 years, young adults between the  ages of 15-24, adults above the age of 60 years, and males are the people who are at high and  increased risk of TBI. It may cost you approximately $85,000 to $3 million to get the  necessary TBI medical help. 

This is not only expensive but also a mentally exhausting journey, especially if you sustained  a TBI due to another person’s negligence or actions. So don’t bare this burden alone. Instead,  look for reputable brain injury lawyers who can help you get compensated for all your  present and future damages resulting from being a TBI victim. Remember, the party at fault  should foot all the costs you are to incur during your recovery process and not you. Consulting an experienced brain injury lawyer who has, in the past, successfully helped other  TBI victims to get fully compensated for their injuries is not only a wise move but also a  smart investment. Remember, you alone have the power to choose whether or not you get to  be fully compensated for your injuries. So, choose diligently!